Laurel Lawn

Laurel Lawn

20th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony

Valley Forge Highland Band

The award winning Valley Forge Highland Band sets the mood with bagpipes and drums

Dedicated to Bud Maxwell

E. Morgan 'Bud' Maxwell, the founder of this service, passed away August 2, 2015.


Over 280 Veterans have been laid to rest at Laurel Lawn. We are proud and privileged to host this free service to honor them, and all those, living and dead, who have served in the military for our nation. The Sunday afternoon time is chosen to not conflict or compete with official government or church services


A diverse group of speakers, representing veterans, local government, various religious faiths, or just a voice of the community, offer brief reflections on the day, interspersed with live and recorded music.


Our unique program is held in a shady grove that always has just a bit of a breeze. Bring your lawn chair early to secure your perfect spot. We look forward to seeing you