Laurel Lawn

Where the Memory of Beautiful Lives will be Kept Beautiful – Always

Founded in 1929

Laurel Lawn Cemetery is located in Upper Deerfield Township, Cumberland County, NJ, 170 Old Deerfield Pike at the intersection of Cornwell Drive and Old Deerfield Pike.

A Family Business

A non-profit, Laurel Lawn Cemetery has been owned and operated by the Maxwell family for over 80 years. We take great pride in our upkeep and maintenance program, making this one of the nicest cemeteries in South Jersey.

Visiting Laurel Lawn

Laurel Lawn works very closely with local Funeral Directors to provide a peaceful, respectful experience. Laurel Lawn can be visited 365 days of the year, weather permitting.

Bud Maxwell

Holy Cross Cemetery

Opened in 2009. It Is devoted to Catholic funerals through The Parish of the Holy Cross. Contact Kathie Dowie at 856- 455-2323 at the Parish of the Holy Cross for information on lot purchases

Annual Association Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Laurel Lawn Cemetery Association is Sunday February 25, 2018 @1:00PM in the Laurel Lawn Crematorium Building.

Robert R Maxwell, President Laurel Lawn Cemetery Association